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At the heart of it all, Nick Anthony constantly strives to be a true renaissance man. Although his path is an ongoing journey with no destination, he tirelessly works to be a multifaceted artist, a visionary entrepreneur, and a genuine educator. His passion to evolve, grow, and find success in these areas is driven not only by his love for these things, but by his innate desire to find his purpose and "make a dent in the world."

Artisticly, Nick consistently pushes himself to be creative, daring, and brave with the intention of inspiring, moving, and entertaining others with all of his work. He attempts to do this by expressing himself through dance/choreography, music, acting, hosting, modeling, photographing, writing, producing, and directing. All of Nick's artistic work can be seen as a true extension of himself. This is something he truly takes pride in, making everything he does incredibly important to him. Forever a student first, he constantly seeks to learn from everyone and everything around him, taking in as much as he can to impact his art for the better. His passion to create is most certainly fueled by both his love of life and his desire to be challenged by himself to do better with each new project. It is also fueled by his desire to be a stronger educator, as those who wish to teach, must first be able to do. 

Entrepreneurally, Nick aspires to be a pioneer within the art and entertainment industry, doing so in his own unique way and leaving a trail for the rest of the world to follow. He hopes to create and run several businesses, starting with one that revolves around the things he's most passionate about. Although art, entrepreneurship, and education could each be considered their own entity within various industries, it is Nick's dream to unite these passions to work as one on a multitude of projects. The overall vision of these projects is to innovatively inspire and make a difference in the lives of others, personally, professionally, and/or financially, and ultmately, in the world. This vision is the common thread that binds these passions together and enables them to collaborate effectively. It also demonstrates Nick's entrepreneurial spirit, leadership, and drive, three major traits of all successful, pioneering entrepreneurs. 

Educationally, Nick strives to make a positive impact and leave a lasting impression on the next generation of artists, entrepreneurs, and educators. To do this, he shares as much as he can by teaching and instructing people of all ages and experience levels in his areas of expertise. He constantly seeks opportunities to spread his knowledge and journey with individuals, small groups, companies, schools, and businesses, through: personal mentoring, advising, and coaching; open classes, workshops, conventions, and seminars; adjudicating for competitive events; public speaking engagements & tours; and every once in a while, personal written works of his experiences. Everyone has something to offer and give to the world; it is with great pride and joy that Nick feels he has a unique ability to connect with others in a way that allows him to not only impart knowledge onto them, but to empower and motivate them to be better and do more. It is his hope that in sharing all he's learned thus far in his young life that the next generation can and will evolve and be positively affected by his teachings. And hopefully, they will continue to "pay it forward."